Sunday, March 12, 2017

High School Electives

High School electives are typically courses that fall outside of the main core academic subject areas like English, math, history, science, or foreign language. These courses may reflect a teen's interest or be related to a future career. Electives do not require as much time or work as a core course, but should include educational content. If a letter grade will be given for the elective, a method of evaluation should be decided prior to beginning the course.

There are many electives to choose from and many available to homeschool students. Today I want to share some electives - based on my experience with the teens in my life (and not just the ones who live in my house).

Church History
Old Testament/New Testament Survey
Topical Bible Study

Creative Writing
Study Skills

Digital Savvy
Graphic Design
Web Design

Fine Arts
Art - drawing, pastels, painting
Musical Theater
Music - piano, flute, saxophone

Life Skills
Driver's Ed
Home Economics

Physical Education

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  1. High school electives are very important for all homeschoolers if they want to join college. Choosing some courses of interest to the teen will motivate him and provide the needed panacea to complete those less interesting. These electives help colleges and employers to learn more about your teen -- his interests, abilities, character traits, and so forth. That's the reason my daughter switched to an online high school for betterment of her future. Thanks for sharing your ideas!