Saturday, January 23, 2021

My Music Workshop


My Music Workshop was founded in 2009 by husband and wife duo Elias and Lianna Berlinger. But, in March 2020 a global pandemic hit, and all classes came to an abrupt halt. So, the duo quickly got to work designing an online music learning platform – My Music Workshop.

Through this music learning platform, elementary school children can take piano lessons, ukulele lessons, or drum lessons. There are also fun music lessons that teach children about reading music, how instruments work, music theory, rhythm, musical patterns, and more!

As a piano teacher, I explored the piano lessons. The lessons presented are very basic and begin with the right hand. In lesson one, students play C-D-E on the keys and then on the staff as they practice together with the teacher. Then they practice this lesson with a band, simply playing these three notes, over and over again. Parents may download and print practice sheets for each lesson.

In my opinion, this program does not replace in-person lessons. The lessons throughout this course only present the basics and at a much slower pace than using the piano books I teach out of. For example, one week, students learn C-D-E-F-G on the staff with their right hand, then the second week, they learn C-D-E-F-G on the staff with their left hand, and then they play both hands together. Whereas, students work through several lessons with only the right hand before moving on to the left hand with this program.

On the plus side, if your student wants to take piano lessons, ukulele lessons or drum lessons, and you cannot find a local teacher, My Music Workshop provides a great start for learning at home. Your child will enter a world of music that will excite and prepare them for the joys of a musical life.

Happy Homeschooling!