Sunday, September 20, 2020

Keep Immune Health a Top Priority


Immune health has been a hot topic all year due to the coronavirus; and now that we are approaching colds and the seasonal flu, how can we keep immune health a top priority? To help maintain a healthy immune system, we can turn to several supplements that have demonstrated helpful antiviral properties.

Vitamins A and B6 are important for development and regulation of our innate immune system. Vitamin C is well known as a cold and flu fighter. When it comes to Vitamin D, among those who are deficient, supplementation is consistently associated with benefits to immunity; and it has been shown to reduce incidence of influenza A.

Elderberry is known for its ability to inhibit viral infections. It is packed with nutrients that help stimulate your immune system and fight inflammation. Elderberries have shown positive effects on the length and severity of flu and common cold symptoms.

Probiotics function as immune modulators and are a powerful tool against cold and flu viruses.  Probiotics also reduce the infections’ average duration.

Zinc is a mineral that is known for its antiviral effects. It can improve the ability of the innate immune system to resist a virus, inhibit the ability of the of the virus to grow new versions of itself during the infection process, and reduce related symptoms.

So, as we approach the cold and flu season, with the coronavirus, I encourage you to keep immune health a top priority. There are many supplements on the market today, please feel free to share in the comments below one that has demonstrated helpful antiviral properties, and kept your family healthy.