Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Help! How Do I Homeschool on a Budget?


I think we can all agree that given unlimited funds to put towards homeschooling, we would have no problem spending it. Unfortunately, that’s simply not the case, and most homeschool families are living off one income. The good news is that you can homeschool on a budget. Here are some ways to save:

Shop the Sales – Most Publishers have at least one sale a year, if not more. Check their websites to get on their mailing lists, this is where most companies announce their sales first! You can also save a lot of money by shopping the sales at homeschool conventions, this is where most companies offer a discount plus free shipping.

Purchase Used Curriculum – If you’ve already decided on what curriculum you want to use, there are many homeschool stores where you can find gently-used or discounted curriculum. Many homeschool groups also set up curriculum fairs for the sale or swap of used curriculum.

Consider Multi-Level Programs – Core classes like math and grammar are grade specific, but classes like history and science can be taught together. For example, you can teach K-6 science to all your elementary students using Apologia curriculum, and you can teach history to all your students using Mystery of History curriculum. You can even save money by purchasing only one textbook for the whole family to use, no need for multiple textbooks when everyone can share.

Re-Use Curriculum – Many people worry about the cost of homeschooling on one income when they have multiple children. One simple way to reduce the cost of curriculum is to take care of the curriculum you have already purchased. Instead of writing directly in the textbook, use notebooks to record answers. This will ensure the next child can get as much use out of it.

Use the Library – If you’re using a literature-based curriculum, you don’t have to purchase every book when you can check it out at the library for free. Most libraries provide historical fiction, biographies, grade-level readers, and more!

Surf the Web – The internet provides a wealth of free resources. Whether it be eBooks, math worksheets, or reading comprehension questions, if you are willing to search the internet, you can save money.

With increasingly difficult economic times, many homeschool families have limited funds; but if you are willing to do some research to find the sales, freebies, or used curriculum stores, you CAN homeschool on a budget.

Happy Homeschooling!