Sunday, January 28, 2018

Benefits of Dual Enrollment

Dual enrollment is generally reserved for high school juniors and seniors who are in strong academic standing and demonstrate an aptitude for college level academics. Dual enrollment gives high school students the opportunity to earn both high school and college credit. In addition, when taken in a regionally accredited college, these courses can be transferred to other colleges and universities.

In the past, dual enrollment usually meant physically attending a college classroom or meeting in a high school with a college professor. However, more and more students are able to access dual enrollment courses online. Homeschool students who take advantage of dual enrollment find the benefits to be numerous:

·         It allows homeschool students to experience college level academics before actually entering college.

·         It smooths out the transition from high school to college.

·         Homeschool students can experience a wide range of courses and get a feel for different fields before declaring a major.

·         Homeschool students can begin to accumulate college credits before entering college and graduate college early or on time.

·         When accumulating enough credits to complete a freshman or sophomore year, homeschool students can pass the competition and enroll in college as a transfer student.

In most cases there will be a limit on the numbers of credits you take each semester. Most dual enrollment programs restrict students to a total of six credits per semester. Why? Students are now balancing their dual enrollment courses with a typical high school schedule.

If you have a motivated student who loves a challenge, who is looking for more advanced academics, who would like to work with a professor, or who would like to get a jump start on college then enrolling in a homeschool dual enrollment program is a great option.

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