Sunday, August 6, 2017

Challenges of Homeschooling

Although homeschooling is the best form of education for children and is immensely beneficial for family relationships, it is not without its challenges. The challenges I want to address today can be minimized with the strategies presented in this post.
#1 Money
No matter how you approach it, homeschooling is an investment. Curriculum is not cheap; but there are ways to save! Our family saves 25% off textbook kits and 10% off all other BJU Press purchases by placing an order through our rep when she holds her exhibits. I do not get these kinds of savings when I order the rest of our curriculum; but I always make sure I qualify for free shipping. We also shop through THE Book Nook – a curriculum consignment shop where everything is 50-75% off retail prices!
#2 Socialization
Now that your children are at home with you around the clock, it is easy to fall into a rut of staying home and keeping to yourselves. But this is not healthy, and the children will not have the opportunity to hone their skills and character as they’re with others with different strengths and weaknesses. I recommend that you join a homeschool support group or get more involved in church and community activities. True socialization is the ability to interact with people of all ages, young and old. Homeschoolers usually excel in this area due to the multi-age environment of a home.
#3 Sports
In Texas, homeschoolers cannot play sports through the public school; but there are other opportunities where they can play sports. Homeschool groups in our area offer volleyball, basketball, cross country, and a homeschool bowling league.
I have a daughter that plays on a competitive soccer team. Homeschoolers can play soccer all the way through high school through a local club. All of my girls participate in the homeschool bowling league and will participate in cross country this Fall. My oldest daughter is a member of Beaumont Civic Ballet. All my girls are very active and I am so proud of their accomplishments!
#4 Well-disciplined Children
If your children are not well behaved, you will soon discover that a rebellious child is an unteachable child. Your children must be obedient and submissive to authority if you ever expect to teach them anything. Wives, if you are not submissive to your husbands, do not expect your children to be obedient and submissive to you. Your children will treat you as they see you treat your husband.
Homeschooling has its challenges; but know you’re not alone! I would be glad to help you along your homeschool journey, feel free to contact me with your homeschool challenges, or to purchase materials through THE Book Nook.
Happy Homeschooling!

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