Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Thoughts on Testing

Have your child evaluated before ordering your curriculum. A standardized test will show the specific areas that your children have mastered and will also point out their weak areas. Many families have found that their children coming from public school have not truly mastered the required material for their grade. Under these circumstances, parents need to order curriculum that will start their children out on a strong foundation at their current academic level, not where their age or grade level indicates. This initial test also provides a basis of measurement for how well the homeschool student has progressed when compared to subsequent testing results. Standardized achievement tests should continue to be taken annually, since they provide a basis for evaluating the success of your home education, as well as being a valuable indicator that school is actually taking place in a bona fide and successful manner.

Visit for the CAT online test with immediate results. The online CAT Testing Service is for students entering grades 2-12 and cost $25 per student. You get test results as soon as you finish the test.


  1. Susan, do you know if there is a cheaper version? I would love to use this for the girls but can't do $100 to have all 4 tested.

  2. All the tests I have seen around the same price, and this is the cheapest I have found.