Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Brain Blox Wooden Building Planks - Crew Review

Brain Blox Wooden Building Planks from Brain Blox inspires builders of all ages to think creatively, embrace challenges, and be persistent. These solid wood building planks are made from all natural,  chemical free, precision cut, premium New Zealand Pine wood. The boxed set includes 200 Building Planks, a full color Building Ideas booklet, a red canvas drawstring backpack for storage or building on the go, along with access to Brain Blox University where learning and fun go together.

As soon as the set of Building Planks arrived, my 13-year-old daughter started building with them. She has always had a love for building, especially with her Lego Friends; but this was something new for her. No step-by-step instructions to follow. She really had to use her brain to construct the ideas. Better yet, she used her brain to construct and build her own designs! Can you guess what animal she created with these Building Planks?

It’s been wonderful to see how versatile these Building Planks are. As a building toy, these Building Planks provide hours of open-ended play. But these Building Planks are also useful in the classroom setting teaching math, physics, and engineering concepts. Owners, Brian and Christine Sweet, homeschooled their three children and created a wonderful teaching tool for other homeschool families to be used beyond the obvious “building block” usage. Here is VIDEO from a homeschool mom who used these Building Planks to teach phonics and math. Here is another VIDEO from a teenager who used these Building Planks to create a chain reaction machine. Students even learn manipulation of spatial information, development of spatial intelligence, fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and linear thinking through the following Let’s Build idea cards.

Brain Blox University offers free Let’s Build idea cards. The idea cards are a fun, challenging way to train the brain to turn 2-dimensional pictures into 3-dimensional creations. There are 70 Let’s Build idea cards with eight different levels to choose from, these printable cards are packed full of building challenges.

The Brain Blox University offers a free World eBook full of fun building ideas to ignite your imagination. This eBook contains ideas for numerous towers, fences, trees, boats, planes, animals, buildings and more to inspire your creativity.

The Brain Box University offers free Brain Puzzles. There are 13 Brain Puzzles, along with printable solutions for each puzzle. My daughter and I really had to think about a couple of these. They definitely give your brain a workout!

These simple Building Planks don’t need any magnets or connectors of any kind! These simple Building Planks simply require balance, friction, and your child’s unlimited imagination. These Building Planks encourage builders of all ages to turn screens off and engage in constructive, open-ended play that is FUN!

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