Monday, September 24, 2018

Princess Cut

As I was reading through the Summer 2018 issue of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, a family education magazine, I realized my single review was selected for print. Needless to say, I was a bit excited! Many know I write for the Schoolhouse Review Crew because you see these reviews on my blog; but I also write for the Single Crew and these reviews are all posted on The Old Schoolhouse website and only selected ones are in print. Here is the single review for Princess Cut -

Princess Cut Movie (DVD)
Watchman Pictures

In Princess Cut, we enter the world of headstrong but helpless romantic Grace Anderson and her life in the rural Carolina town of East Bend. Grace has dreamed all her life of the day when “Mr. Right” slips a Princess Cut diamond on her finger and swears to love her forever. Tonight may be the night as Stewart has something special planned after 15 months together! But when things don’t go as planned, and romance crashes down around her, it launches her on a quest, aided by her father, to understand what it means to truly love another person and that true love is worth waiting for.

I may be old-fashioned; but there are many things I love about this movie and what it teaches our daughters. Grace’s father takes full responsibility as head of his household to prepare Grace for marriage. Through a lesson using soybeans, we learn what it means to truly love another person. Our daughters should seek a husband who is trustworthy, willing to lead his family, and understanding of his wife’s needs.

Grace allows her father to guide her and as she allows God to write her love story she seeks her father’s approval before entering another relationship. Then as God writes her love story, Clint seeks approval for a relationship with Grace and with her father’s blessing, they prayerfully consider the possibility of marriage.  

But there’s two more truths found in this movie when Clint brings Grace flowers. He gives an iris to symbolize Jesus and how we need to build our identity around him to be truly satisfied and a rose to represent the need for purity in the relationship.

My husband and I watched this movie with our sixteen-year-old daughter and I am so glad she sees that true love is worth waiting for when you allow God to write your love story. The best Christian romance movie I have seen in years!

-Product review by Susan Reed, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, February 2018